Forests belonging to the Babimost Forest District are located on the territory of two provinces and two different regions: Lubuski and Wielkopolska.


The forests covered by the Forest District Babimost, presently divided by fields and villages, are fragments of the large Lubuski Forests that formerly spread within the boundaries marked by the Odra, Warta and Obra rivers.

Forest district arrangement

Forest district is a basic, independent organizational unit of the State Forests as defined in the Forest Act. It is subject to the Regional Directorate of the State Forests, which supervises and coordinates the activities run in its territory. Forest districts are divided into forest ranges.

Projects and funds

"Promotion of Crossborder Cooperation of Babimost Forest District and Landratsamt Bautzen Kreisforstamt" was a project carried out by Babimost Forest District in 2014. The partner from Saxony was Landratsamt Bautzen Kreisforstamt (District Forest Office) located in Kametz.


Babimost Forest District co-operates with Landratsamt Bautzen Kreisforstamt (County Forest Office) from Saxony (Germany). The headquarter of the project partner Landsratsamt Bautzen Kreisforstamt is located in Kamenz. Further information can be found here.