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Forests belonging to the Babimost Forest District are located on the territory of two provinces and two different regions: Lubuski and Wielkopolska.

Within the Lubuski Province the area covered by the Forest District  belongs to the counties of Zielona Góra, Świebodzin and Międzyrzecz and the communes of  Babimost, Kargowa, Sulechów, Świebodzin, Szczaniec, Zbąszynek, Trzciel; in the Wielkopolska Province they are in the counties of Wolsztyn and Nowy Tomyśl and belong to the communes of  Siedlec  and  Zbąszyń. Big forest complexes comprised by the above-mentioned administrative areas are rather uniform in terms of the landscape, though there are numerous charming spots with recreational values located there forming habitats of many rare fauna and flora species. The Forest District Babimost is a part of the Regional Directorate of the State Forests  in Zielona Góra. The area of the district amounts to  48 337 ha, and the forest cover is  35 %.

The total area of the Babimost Forest District is  16 022,93 ha.

The District consists of three divisions:

- Dąbrówka - 3950,37 ha,

- Kargowa - 5562,31 ha,

- Szczaniec - 6510,25 ha.


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