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Utilization of forests means using its produce – timber, undergrowth, plants or their parts for the needs of pharmaceutical industry, cutting trees for Christmas trees, fossil fuel excavation and many more. Foresters make forest products available to the community, provided that the methods employed ensure forest continuity and sustainability.

The volume of timber harvest is specified in forest management plan prescribed for every forest district for the period of 10 years.  This plan ensures that the harvested timber does not exceed  the production capacity of forests and that the standing timber in forests, the so called stand volume systematically grows.

The volume of timber harvest depends on the so called prescribed cut defined in every forest management plan.

The general area of the Forest District  Babimost totals 48 337 ha including  16 022,93 ha of forests.

Pine prevails in this area.  Forest stands with the prevailing pine cover  83,9% of all the area occupied by forests, whereas  84,8% of all the forests is covered by coniferous trees.